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Texas House Bill

HB 1736

Relating to compensation of and services to persons wrongfully imprisoned.

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Session: 81st
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This text refers to the Passage With Amendment in the Senate.
Vote to pass a bill that amends existing law related to financial compensation and other assistance provided to individuals that have served a prison sentence, in whole or in part, and have received a full pardon or been granted relief on the basis of innocence of the crime for which the individual was sentence.
-Amends the compensation amounts for individuals wrongfully imprisoned as follows (Sec. 5):<ul>-Existing law:<ul>-$100,000 per year for individuals sentenced to death; and -$50,000 per year for individuals sentenced to a term of imprisonment;</ul>-New law: $80,000 per year for individuals sentenced to death or a term of imprisonment.</ul>-Authorizes individuals wrongfully imprisoned and released on parole or required to register as a sex offender to receive $25,000 per year served on parole or as a registered sex offender (Sec. 5). -Specifies that individuals entitled to the above compensation amounts may receive it as a lump-sum or in monthly annuity payments (Sec. 6). -Specifies that deceased individuals are still entitled to such compensation and may be distributed as a lump-sum to the individual's heirs, legal representatives and estate (Sec. 3). -Authorizes individuals wrongfully imprisoned to receive tuition costs for up to 120 credit hours, provided the individual requests such compensation before the seventh anniversary of the date in which the individual received the pardon or was granted relief (Sec. 6). -Requires the Department of Criminal Justice to develop a comprehensive reintegration plan for individuals wrongfully imprisoned that includes (Sec. 10):<ul>-Up to $10,000 in financial assistance to aid the individual in the reentry and reintegration process and cover living expenses; -Life-skills, job and vocational training; and -Issuing of a state identification card and any other necessary documents before the individual's release from prison.</ul>-Requires the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments to develop a plan to assist individuals wrongfully imprisoned with accessing medical and dental services, mental health treatment, and other appropriate support services (Sec. 11). -This is a substitute bill sponsored by the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence.

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