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Texas Senate Bill

SB 362

Relating to requiring a voter to present proof of identification.

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Bill Text

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Session: 81st
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This text refers to the Passage in the Senate.
Vote to pass a bill that requires individuals intending to vote to present either 1 form of photo identification or 2 different forms of identification at the polling place, or cast a provisional ballot after signing an affidavit stating that they a qualified registered voter.
-Specifies that the following are acceptable forms of photo identification (Sec. 10):<ul>-Driver's license that has not expired or has been expired for no more than two years; -Personal identification card that has not expired or has been expired for no more than two years; -U.S. military identification card that contains a photograph; -U.S. citizenship certificate that contains a photograph; -U.S. passport; -Concealed handgun license; or -Identification card that contains a photograph and was issued by a federal or state agency, institution, or political subdivision.</ul>-Specifies that the following are acceptable as an alternative to photo identification, provided that the individual intending to vote presents 2 of them (Sec. 10):<ul>-Voter registration certificate; -Birth certificate; -U.S. citizenship papers; -Marriage license; -Divorce decree; -Court records of the individual's adoption, name change, or sex change; -Identification card issued by a governmental entity for the purpose of obtaining public benefits, including veteran's benefits, Medicaid, or Medicare; -Temporary driving permit; -Pilot's license; -Library Card; -Hunting or fishing license; -Utility bill; -Bank statement; -Government check; -Paycheck; -Official mail addressed to the individual by name from a governmental entity; or -Other government document that shows the name and address of the individual.</ul>-Exempts individuals from the fee for personal identification certificates if the individual states that they are obtaining it solely for the purpose of satisfying the voter identification requirements (Sec. 12). -Waives the fee for a personal identification certificate issued to a person who states that they are obtaining it for the sole purpose of satisfying the new voter identification requirements (Sec. 12). -Requires voter identification requirements be geted outside each polling location (Sec. 5). -Requires the Secretary of State and the voter registrar of each county to get a notice of the voter identification requirements, including on their website if they have one (Secs. 1-2).

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  • Senate getpones Voter ID bill until Tuesday (
    Jan 24, 2011
    Rodney Ellis said more time may be required to properly debate the bill, SB 14, as it differs slightly from last session's SB 362. ...
    The Lone Star Report

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