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Texas Senate Bill

SCR 73

Memorializing the United States Congress to maintain the Federal Family Education Loan Program.

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We believe that online video is an important and growing medium for engaging with our government at every level: state, city, local, and others. Unfortunately, state legislatures generally not make video of their proceedings (e.g., legislative actions like votes and committee hearings) available in ways that meet the community-generated Principles of Open Government Data.

Editorial note: as far as what's out there now for video on bills in Texas, the state legislature offers fairly extensive audio & video archives on pages for the Senate and House of Representatives, though in the terribly out-of-date "Real Media" video format. As best we can tell, the Texas legislature does not make video accessible automatically (i.e., over API or for bulk download) or libre (i.e., freely-licensed) or via open standards (e.g., a video RSS feed of videos in an open-source file format). So at the moment, a fair amount of research and digging is still required to access video content relevant to this bill and bills in general.

In the future, our goal is to aggregate useful video about every bill, issue, and member of state government here on OpenGovernment, all freely-licensed and available in open standards, to share & remix -- see how you can help.

Until video of state government is liberated by its primary source, we're using the free and open-source Miro Community software to create a crowdsourced hub of publicly-available video content for branches of state government.

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